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Parenting Support

Does your child or teenager have a challenging temperament?

Do you want to better understand your child’s behavior?

Do you find yourself wondering if you’re making the right choices?

Would you like to have more confidence in your parenting skills?

Children bring wonder into our lives, and watching them grow up is a rewarding yet challenging experience. Young children look to their parents and other adults for guidance, safety, opportunity, and security. If we are consistently there for our children, they will learn to trust us and themselves. As children develop and become involved with others, they begin to formulate their own ideas about the world around them. Eventually, they begin to question adult authority, and strive to develop independence and an identity for themselves.

These experiences can be challenging for both the child and the parents. We as parents struggle at times when our children challenge the world by the testing boundaries we set for their behavior. This challenge is often intensified during adolescence. If we, as parents, can maintain a sense of emotional balance during these difficult years, we stand a better chance of continuing to influence our children in positive ways.

What can I expect?

There is no single “right” or “wrong” way to have a loving, fulfilling family life. We work with parents, step-parents, single parents, blended families, and extended families to find unique parenting solutions that fit your needs and the needs of your children. During the first session, we will meet with you to learn more about your strengths, goals, and concerns. We offer a wide range of services for parents, including individual counseling, family therapy, parenting education, and parenting skills development. Both of our therapists have experience working with the public school system, and can help you develop strategies to work more effectively with your child’s school.

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