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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Meet Greg

Gregory Wood, MFT Registered Intern (IMF 74499)
Supervised by Richard S. Williams, LMFT (MFC 35761)

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are struggling to make a marriage work, or trying to learn to talk to their children, maybe they feel “stuck”  and powerless to solve their problems, or to others, maybe life seems stagnant or meaningless. The one thing that all people who come to me have in common is hope.  Hope that they can find solutions to their problems and that their lives and relationships can be improved. 

 The first step is just a phone call. I am available by phone to my clients from 8am to 11pm every day. Through my unique treatment approach, I build compassionate  partnerships with my clients that not only allow them to solve their most challenging dilemmas, but transform their lives into the exciting adventures they were meant to  be.  Through transformative processing therapy my clients learn to resolve the underlying problems that keep them “stuck” so they can achieve lasting change. While other therapies attempt only to modify behaviors, my approach will help you resolve the larger issues that keep you trapped in a cycle of pain and confusion. 

When you come into therapy with me, you will discover a therapist that truly values you, someone who is deeply curious and engaged in every aspect of your problems, your goals and the solutions that we will find together during the therapeutic process. The skills I bring to this work have been honed by my Jesuit education and by working with hundreds of clients that have found the answers they were looking for. I have watched over and over again how people can heal from their pain, resolve their confusion and transform their lives. And I have complete faith that you and I can do the same. 

I have a M.A in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco where I studied with some of the best therapists in California. Now, I have the privilege of working under the clinical licensure of Richard Williams, LMFT, who is one of the Central Valley’s premier therapists. Richard specializes in children’s therapy, I specialize in individual adult and couples therapy. In conjunction with Helena Turner’s therapeutic work with adolescents and adults, the partnership allows this practice to work with virtually every potential problem making it possible to provide the best therapy to members of your entire family. 


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