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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Children & Teens

Does your child seem angry all the time?

Does your child have problems with peer relationships, depression, or anxiety?

Are you worried and confused about what’s going on?

Are you unsure how to help?

The childhood years are challenging for parents and children alike. Children go through many developmental stages as they transform from small children to young adults. We work with children, teens, and their families as they navigate through these different stages of life. It can be a big help for children and teenagers to talk to a therapist who understands what they’re going through. If you are a parent who worries about your child, it can also help to work with someone who has a fresh perspective and practical solutions.

What can I expect?

During your first session, one of our therapists will meet alone with you to discuss your concerns about your child and your goals for therapy. Then we will work with you to develop a plan to meet your specific needs. We use a wide variety of treatment methods and approaches, and we customize each plan for each child. Our office is equipped with a variety of play therapy games, toys, and art supplies. Therapy can be enjoyable and enriching for the entire family. 

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